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 I am still so far behind in this game and want to read everyone's impressions so badly, though I am exercising restraint in that regard, which is saying something. I'm one of those people for whom spoilers in television, film, and books don't bother me that much. But games are different. In any case, I've got some random thoughts and impressions. No extensive meta or crit just yet as I barely have enough time to play much less devote any writing or thinking time to the game.

Well, I basically fell in love with Solas and his rude dimpled chin as soon as he grabbed Shula's hand. I intended to romance him first since my next Inquisitors will be a Qunari and then either a Dwarf or human. There is no greater turn on for me than intellectual curiosity and so this is working out marvelously.  

And with that, I'd like to ask for a moment of silence for my spouse who will never, for as long as he lives, top a date in the Fade.

Shula, like my first Hawke, is awkward and kind of a people pleaser. She wants people to like her, so at times she can be open minded to the point where her brains are falling out. But she's getting better. Vivienne doesn't like her, which is unfortunate, because I love Vivienne so much. She's so sharp and fierce although Shula somehow managed to gain approval with one of her (in my opinion) overly optimistic/idealized ideas about the Circle. It led me to think that Vivienne has some Big Ideas about the Circle. 

I think my next romance will be either Blackwall or Josephine. I was sort of amazed at how quickly I loved the Warden. Like, right away and for reasons I still do not quite understand. He's just so earnest and stoic. But yeah, when Shula saw him carving a rocking toy, my heart just burst into a million rainbow colored hearts.

And since my husband was in bed, I totally cried when they made her Inquisitor. And every time I heard a line from the Enemy of Thedas trailer (which I watched every day for like a month) I got chills. 

I have more to say, and more opinions and impressions of the other companions and advisers, but work beckons

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