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If you haven't played through a Solas romance you might not want to read, but really there are no content spoilers here. It's about the music. 

One complaint I have about DA:I is the soundtrack placing. Some of the music in this game is beautiful, but sometimes it seems ill-placed, like it doesn't fit the scene. But really, most of the time I don't even notice. There are a few places where this is not a problem, including the Orlesian ball (of course, that is very specific to that scene).  Another place where the placement of the music is appropriate is the second romantic scene with Solas. I am specifying because I do not know for certain if all romance scenes have the same music.  In any case, the music that plays sort of makes sense, I guess. Except for one thing: it's fucking terrible.

It sounds like the stuff they played at the Aveda salon I used to frequent in Atlanta.  

And because I am an nerd who is obsessed with this apostate mage, I have played this scene through a couple of times and every time that music starts I can't figure out if I'm supposed to be making out with an elf or getting my brows waxed. 


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