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When you fall ass-over-teakettle in love with your own original character.

I wasn't sure who my canon Inquisitor would be, although I had pretty much decided that Shula Lavellan has a twin brother, Andil, who is an archer. At some point, I'll design his face in the character creator. He's getting the mullet in honor of male Dragon Age twins with unfortunate hair and also so that Dorian can meet him with, "Is your hair on purpose?" 

But until yesterday, I hadn't thought of him much. And then on our long drive to my mother's house, that is basically all I thought about.  Having him arrive in Skyhold, soon after Haven is destroyed, to check on his sister.  Wary of humans and terrified of the anchor and what it means, Andil, Dalish and proud (way prouder than Shula ever was), is confused and terrified for his sibling. But he joins the Inquisition, and after a rough initiation, creates a niche for himself within Shula's inner circle, making his own friends, falling in love, etc. 

Andil is the name given to someone from my Dragonborn's past, someone very important to her, a young Bosmer who died when they were 19 years old.  I feel like this is a chance to give him a story he deserves.  
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